About Us

At Grey Dog Tea, we specialize in producing unique teas with premium ingredients. Our herbal teas and tea blends are carefully crafted in partnership with our friends at Baia Nicchia, a local family-run organic farm in the San Francisco Bay Area.   
We use only the very best herbs, spices and produce to blend novel combinations of teas. Our ingredients include citrus leaves, heirloom peppers, flowers and heirloom mints. 
Our focus is on unique flavors and premium quality.  Our teas speak for themselves. They are packaged simply, using traditional paper tea bags or sold loose.  Our products are offered in stylish tins or reclosable bags.
We are frequently asked about our name, Grey Dog Tea. It was derived from two rescued greyhounds, Max and Ladybug who play and stroll around Baia Nicchia Farm.  Greyhounds are elegant animals with calm dispositions. These characteristics are the same ones we strive to infuse into all of our farm-crafted teas -- as we continually work to produce elegant blends that impart a memorable and satisfying tea drinking experience.
Baia Nicchia Farm