Chile Mint Herbal Tea Blend

Chile Mint Herb Tea with Mareko Fana peppersChile Mint Herb Tea in a tin
Price: $10.49

Chile Mint is our signature farm blend and delivers a delightfully bold flavor. The ingredients include heirloom chile pepper flakes combined with an aromatic blend of mints and other herbs. Steeping for 5-10 minutes is recommended at 195 degrees Fahrenheit to brew a well-balanced cup of tea with a pleasantly warm background of chile spice. Steeping for longer periods will bring the chiles to the forefront.  Caffeine free

This tea is the "original" Grey Dog Tea sold by Baia Nicchia at farmers’ markets. Chile peppers provide a distinctive edge to this unique blend. The medium heat and deep taste profile of these peppers complements the fresh mint base to produce a balanced, warm tea that is great for cold winter days and nights.  This tea also provides gentle relief for cold-sufferers.  The warmth of the peppers can be emphasized with extended steeping in a thermos or insulated carafe.

Chile Mint tea is also versatile, and can be served chilled over ice, sweetened lightly with sugar or honey. 20 Tea Bags. Caffeine free. 

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